QM - Quality Management at Stritzinger

Our commitment to top-quality food products and the highest standards is reflected in everything we do.

IFS Food

Since 2012, we have been proud of our certification according to the IFS Food standard. This demonstrates our dedication to safe, authentic, and high-quality food products that meet legal requirements and customer expectations.

QS Certification

At Stritzinger, we rely on a comprehensive testing system that covers all steps along the food chain. Independent auditors continuously monitor compliance with these requirements to ensure that we achieve the highest quality standards.

ITW - Initiative Tierwohl

Stritzinger supports the Initiative Tierwohl. Our seal marks meat products from facilities that meet our strict animal welfare criteria. Quality and animal welfare are our top priorities.

MSC/ASC Certified

Our fish comes from sustainable sources. Some of our products are MSC or ASC certified to ensure the highest quality and environmental compatibility. At Stritzinger, we take pride in our origin certificates.

KAT-Egg Certified

We at Stritzinger are proud to hold the KAT certificate. This certificate ensures the safe origin of our eggs for the production of egg products and food.

HG-Egg Certified

Stritzinger offers breaded products with certified egg products that are proven to come from animal-friendly housing. Our products may be marked with the HG logo, which clearly indicates the origin of barn or free-range housing.

Do you have further questions?

Feel free to send your questions to our Quality Management department.