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Since January Ing. Christoph Schöppl strengthens our management.

A new greder for calibrating the cossettes was put into operation and supports us in production. A third elevator is at our disposal.

Two new semi-trailers, 1 semi-trailer strengthen our fleet.

Modernization of our computer systems was declared the theme of the year.

This year's company outing will be to Burgenland.



The freezer in freezer 3 has been half renewed. The existing 2 photovoltaic systems will be expanded by a further 150 KW.
We see the Ukraine war as the trigger for rising electricity and food costs. Ukrainian employees were also included in the production.
We are delighted about our drivers’ action “Drivers help children”. Thanks to your efforts, a child was able to get a special wheelchair. Together we can achieve something.


Thanks to our customers, the very high inventories from 2020 were quickly dismantled. Sales were again approaching the pre-Corona period.
The cooling system in the freezer 2 has been renewed, as well as some of the telecommunications systems in the freezer 4.
The Fa. Planty has built up a promising vegan production in the cellar. A change of personnel in the administration has required us. We are pleased to have a strong team here, after the familiarization.


The year was marked by the Corona crisis. Organizing a rapid vaccination for our employees and other companies in the area was a successful challenge.
Thanks to the cooperation, holidays could be reduced and the workforce retained despite a sharp decline in sales.
It was gratifying that production did not have to be suspended, despite outsourcing to various warehouses. The dumpling production was stopped to increase the capacity of the schnitzel production.



bituminization from the fire service street. Extension for export to 23 countries. 
Fire alarm system was installed. 


Completion from our new production. Now we produce pork escalopes also in small 
packaging. Also we got a new cool room. Now we can seperate the trade cool room and the
production cool room. 

IFS-certification "Higher Level"
new product - pork cordon bleu filled with bacon, onions and cheese
We get a big order for the export in 16 countries as a result of this we have to planned 
a extension from our production 

IFS-certification "Higher Level"

Introduction of products Pork cutlet stuffed with sheep cheese / spinach, cream cheese / asparagus, cream cheese / cep, cream cheese / zucchini.
ASC received certification again
Pegasus in Gold for "Woman in the leading position"
Ingrid Schöppl-Stritzinger was as an entrepreneur of the month
March 2015
IFS-certification "Higher Level"

IFS certification "Higher Level"
ineo - received award for an exemplary teaching

Anniversary - 30 years Stritzinger

Expansion of export activities and optimization of own brands.

Development of a new soufflierenden breading in the chips production.
Modernization and reconstruction of our Manufacture.

Own brand in 5 liters of ice, expanding the vehicle fleet. We are pleased with first exports to Switzerland.

New construction of the administration, development of good market position in the area of fish and poultry.

Increase in direct imports. Pangasius now also available in beautiful natural packaging. Acquisition of part of the bankruptcy estate of Classico and Classico -Worldwide companies. Export to UK, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. Overhauling the management in preparation.

We are modernizing our accounting department on the first floor.

The market position in Hungarian geese could be greatly expanded. Very positive development - more than 20% increase in sales. Conversion of the packaging space in another freezer room. More Regalisierungen due acute shortage of space.

Fleet has been extended

Good consolidation of our market position

Sales of pork schnitzel and cordon runs good.

Production plant for pork schnitzel and cordon bleu is put into operation.

Completion of another large freezer warehouse due to acute space problems.

Construction of an additional Cold warehouse with new production facilities.

Rösti pockets and dumplings will now produced by our self.

Duchess potatoes and potatoes will now produced by our self.

Automation of frozen house, production is in full swing, switching to high-bay.

After EU accession adjustment of Pommes Frites production due to massive quality problems of acquisitions. Resumption of production

Fire in our Detail sales Department. By large smoke massive property damage.

Beginning of the Croquettes manufacturing. Breaded croquette and Cone Croquettes be included in the range.

We are modernizing our administrative

Commissioning of a fully automated packaging line for our french fries. We received 80% increase in sales.

Construction of another frozen house.

Major fire by an electric defect - about 1 million euro loss. After reconstruction, the production runs in July again.

First vegetables in own packaging.

Meanwhile, twelve employees and round the clock production.

Development of a sales network in Austria for our french fries.

The french fries production is the first time in operation. (4 employees)

Purchase a used french fry plant and construction of a frozen warehouse.

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